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When Black Women Rise, We All Rise

Black Women of AmherstThe Black Women of Amherst College is a storytelling project — a digital oral history encompassing a podcast plus a living digital archive — celebrating the Black Women of Amherst College, in connection with the bicentennial commemoration of Amherst College.

This project is about the unseen and unknown work that Black Women have had to do – and continue to do – to reshape powerful institutions across American society. Amherst College is a microcosm, and this project is an effort to bring visibility and empowerment to a community of Black women whose recognition is long overdue.

This story is not just about Amherst college and it’s not even just about Black women at Amherst college. This story is about the United States of America. And about Black women’s place both in America and in the larger world.

Featured on NPR and winner of two Webby Awards!

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The Call with Melina Abdullah

The Revolution. Televised.

The Call with Melina AbdullahNationally recognized activist and scholar, Professor Melina Abdullah brings her powerful brand of truth-telling to audiences as she confronts issues that affect communities worldwide, and is joined by influential interview guests engaging in dynamic roundtable discussions. THE CALL is an authentic, grassroots program rooted in the ideas that birthed hip-hop, and speaking to the issues in our community. Every installment of THE CALL takes the audience through a deep analysis of a critical topic relevant to the Black community, America as a whole, and beyond. Melina closes each episode with a call to action giving viewers the motivation and the tools to make an impact in their world.



BRUCE’S BEACHBRUCE’S BEACH is a narrative feature film that tells the true story of the historic land justice case here in LA. In the 1920s, Willa Bruce, the Black woman owner of the resort known as Bruce’s Beach, offers a wonderful beachfront haven to Black people until her land is unfairly seized by the government. Ninety-five years later, in a thrilling turn of events, the land is returned to Willa’s descendants — the first restorative justice of its kind in American history. It is a model for how Americans of all races can work together to right past wrongs.


The Power of Black Music for Social Justice

Right On, Be FreeRIGHT ON, BE FREE is a documentary feature film in the vein of Searching for Sugarman and Summer of Soul that tells the forgotten story of The Voices of East Harlem, a youth soul choir born in the Harlem church community who rose to music’s heights and spread their message of social justice worldwide, only to disappear from the scene just as quickly as they emerged. Meet the greatest family act and self-proclaimed “No-Hit Wonder” that you’ve never heard of.


A Global Social Justice Action-Thriller

African HarvestAFRICAN HARVEST is an action-thriller feature film (with an award-winning screenplay) that highlights the horrors and harms of illegal human organ trafficking worldwide:

Hot on the trail of organ traffickers in Sudan, Julia, a young doctor, and Alan, a UN investigative reporter, race to save Julia’s adopted son from being harvested. In Belgium, Silvie, a politician fighting to outlaw organ trafficking, finds herself in need of a heart for her terminally ill son. The boys are a match…



An American Family

Branches photoBRANCHES is a new drama series that tells the true story of an exceptional American family involving magic and science, race and sex, crime and justice, business and politics. Anchored in 1970s post-Civil Rights Philadelphia, the Branche family features a candidate for US Congress, a Voodoo and Kaballah priestess, and Philly’s first African-American Chief of Detectives. It is a tale of peculiar family businesses, devastating family secrets, and unbreakable family bonds.


Been There, Done That. And Still Brand New.

WE OUT HEREWE OUT HERE is a new unscripted series about Black travel and international culture that takes you to your favorite places, from a new perspective. Our guide, an expert travel writer and on-air personality, will introduce us to Black expats and Black local communities in the European and Mediterranean countries (plus more) we thought we knew. Every episode takes us to a different destination for an exciting and eye-opening experience where we will discover global Black culture and its influence on emerging youth culture, from food to fashion to music and more.


Living Inside Out

House of IsabellaHOUSE OF ISABELLA is a new comedy-drama series in the vein of Fargo and Claws which follows a young, biracial, gay lawyer who reluctantly becomes the scandal fixer for his white grandmother’s multinational evangelical megachurch. It is a smart, quirky comedy with a heart, based on real lives, exploring our contemporary world’s biggest issues: religion, ambition, race, sexuality, obligation, and family.